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Troop 5 Trailblazers

The Trailblazer Program is Troop 5's program for first year Boy Scouts. Here is an overview of the key participants and goals for the program.


The term that Troop 5 uses for boys who have recently joined is "Trailblazers".


In a short while, we will organize the Trailblazers in "patrols" which are smaller groups of Scouts, all in the same grade. Patrols are quite analogous to Cub Scout dens - they are smaller groupings of Scouts who work together, in troop meetings, on patrol nights and on camp outs. Patrols are organized into groups of 6 - 9 Scouts.

Assistant Scoutmasters

Assistant Scoutmasters are adults - mostly parents of current Scouts and some parents of former Troop 5 Scouts - who work directly with the Scouts. We have many active Assistant Scoutmasters, or "ASM's" in Troop 5 and we are eager to recruit new ASM's from among the new Trailblazer parents.

We will have one or more "Patrol ASM's" for each Trailblazer patrol. If you are interested in being an ASM, we would be delighted to have you. Please contact the Scoutmaster to arrange to join the ranks of Troop 5 ASM's.

Activities for Trailblazers

Trailblazers are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all of the activities in which the Troop is involved, which include:

Troop meetings and Patrol Nights

Camp outs (monthly)

Camp Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan (summer camp)

Courts of Honor

Service projects

Merit Badge classes

The Troop 5 handbook provides more detail on each of these activities.

Advancement for Trailblazers

In the Boy Scouts, a Scouts advancement is his own responsibility. Troop 5 encourages, but does not require, each Trailblazer to set a personal goal of advancing to the rank of First Class Scout by the end of the summer after his 6th grade year. Through the Trailblazer Program, the Troop provides ample advancement opportunities to aid each Scout in meeting his personal goals.

Trailblazers start by earning the rank of Scout. The requirements for this and all other ranks can be found in the Boy Scout Handbook. Each Trailblazer must demonstrate the skills necessary to be awarded the rand of SCout to a Troop Guide, other designated Scout, the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster, who will then initial and date the Scout's handbook.

Most Trailblazers, especially those who have earned the Arrow of light as a Webelos Cub Scout, can complete the requirements for the rank of Scout within the first few meetings.

The ranks of Tenderfoot Scout, Second Class Scout and First Class Scout require skills learned at camp outs, hikes and Troop meetings. As with all rank advancement, a Troop Guide, other designated Scout, the Scoutmaster or an Assistant Scoutmaster must sign off on the requirements for these ranks.

A Scout may work on the requirements for all three ranks in any order, but must complete and will receive the ranks in order (i.e. Tenderfoot before Second Class, Second Class before First Class).