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Thinking of joining Troop 5?

Are you a boy who is starting to think about joining Boy Scouts? If so, a questions that you and your parents probably have is, "There are lots of different things I can do with my time. Do I want to commit part of it to Scouting in Troop 5?"


Here are six questions to ask yourself that will help you make this decision.

Time: "Would being a Scout mean I don't have time for other things?"

While Scouting takes time, it is not all-consuming. The program is designed to allow boys to work at their own pace, and we know that boys will miss some meetings and camp outs. Lots of Troop 5 Scouts participate in activities such as football, hockey, rowing, theater and music. So don't miss out on Scouting because you think you have to go to everything. We're very flexible.

Requirement: "Am I required to do Cub Scouting to join Boy Scouting?"

Not at all. While many Boy Scouts have been Cub Scouts, there are a number of Troop 5 members who were not Cub Scouts. The Boy Scout program is quite different from the Cub Scout program.

Outdoors: "Do I like outdoor activities?"

Troop 5 does a lot in the Great Outdoors. We go on a camp out nearly every month (though we are sometimes indoors in the winter), and we have lots of other outdoor activities. We pitch tents, build fires, cook, hike and play games outdoors. We have outdoor service projects, meetings at the beach and Courts of Honor at Gillson Park. Outdoors is a great place to be!

Opportunities: "Would I like opportunities I can't get in other programs?"

Boy Scouting provides opportunities that are not readily available in many other youth programs. Most notably, Troop 5 is 'boy-led". Our Scouts run the programs, with active mentoring from adults. This method is a fantastic opportunity to learn leadership skills while you are having fun. Troop 5 also provides fabulous opportunities for high adventure trips for older Scouts: backpacking through the mountains at Philmont Scout Ranch in Ne Mexico; canoeing through he Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota; participating in National Scout Jamborees in Virginia.

Presbyterian: "Troop 5 is sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette. Do I need to be Presbyterian to join Troop 5?"

No. Troop 5 is open to all youth, regardless of religious background. We have Scouts from may different faiths. FPCW sponsors the troop on a non-denominational basis.